Greer, Scott & Shropshire is an experienced civil litigation firm that provides its clients with exceptional, cost effective, and personalized representation. Over the years, Greer, Scott & Shropshire, LLP has established long term relationships with a diverse clientele consisting of individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

From the simplest cases to multi-party complex litigation, we know our clients want results driven outcomes. With extensive experience, the attorneys at Greer, Scott & Shropshire are comfortable and accustomed to handling all aspects of civil litigation. The firm has handled a multitude of complex legal matters and has faced some of the finest litigation firms in Texas. Our firm's experience, creative thinking, and determination has resulted in successfully representing our clients in both state and federal courts.

When handling your legal matter, you can trust that one of our experienced partners will oversee the progress of your case with the support of our talented associates and dedicated staff. Our firm has successfully navigated a wide variety of complex legal issues, and we believe in a strong defense in all legal representation.


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